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The Timeshare Salesman running away with your money!!
It is a pity that the dodgy salespeople give the decent ones a bad name.

As in all walks of life there are 'goodies' and 'baddies' and unfortunately timeshare has plenty of 'baddies' which has got timeshare a bad name in England, and no doubt in other parts of the World.

One scam that happened a few years ago in England was that people were mailed to say they had won a prize and the prizes on offer were either a car, £1000 or a sports boat with an outboard motor.  All the person had to do was attend a presentation.  Obviously, with such prizes on offer a lot of people attended the presentation and were told they had won the sports boat, but they had to pay £49.99 for delivery.   Instead of a van turning up with the boat on a trailer it arrived in a large cardboard box and turned out to be a blow up dinghy with a very small motor.  In fact, what they paid would no doubt have covered the cost of it anyway.

Another sales ploy is to attract people along to a presentation by saying they have won a free holiday, but this normally involves payment of an admin fee and the holidays are short notice ones which, if you cannot go on holiday when contacted, would mean you would not get another opportunity. The offer lasts normally for 18 months but in some cases the company goes out of business before the end of that time.   For some people it will turn out well and they will get their free holiday, but a lot of people end up being disappointed.

Some people are told when attending a presentation that the company can sell the timeshare they already own for a very attractive price if they purchase one of their timeshares. Of course, the sale does not happen and they then end up owning two which was not their intention. I spoke to a lady once that this had happened to and she had then attended another timeshare presentation and been told her two timeshares could be sold for her if she bought a timeshare from them. She ended up with three timeshares!! That is no joke - it really happened. You may thinksomething like that could not happen to you but the sales people can be extremely persuasive and likeable so you are tempted to put your trust in them.

The Timeshare Consumers Association set out the type of scams that are operating regarding buying and selling timeshare and have gone into far more detail than I would be able to so I would recommend that you have a look at their site for details of other scams that are used.

Timeshare Talk - Informative place to find out details on past and current scams along with companies that do so.