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If you don't wish to go to your own apartment each year, then you can arrange to exchange through various exchange companies.  In some cases however, your resort will only be affiliated to one of the exchange companies and make it difficult for you to arrange an exchange with other companies.

Resorts Condominium International (RCI)  - RCI are the largest of the Exchange Companies and have over 3,000 resorts to choose from.

Interval International (II) - Also one of the bigger exchange companies with a large amount of resorts to select your exchange from.  I don't know whether their fees have risen to the extent RCI's have, but perhaps someone could let me know.

Dial an Exchange (Europe) - Dial an Exchange started in Australia and have now expanded into Europe. My daughter has exchanged through them and I have had bonus weeks through them.

Timex - They have a database of people offering private exchanges which you can arrange direct with the people who own the apartment.

Exchange Systems Plus - They charge no membership fee - just an exchange fee.

Traveltogo - Arrange exchanges and rentals.

Trading Places - Arrange exchanges -