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A very interesting site
John <john@chiral.f9.co.uk>
York, England -

Thanks this website really helped with my hmwk
England -

Good site
Mandy Watkin <email@mutley3007.freeserve.co.uk>
Derbyshire England -

Interesting Site!
Ahmad <centeon420@hotmail.com>
Kansas City, MO USA -

Hello: I am originally from Manchester, England. Both my parents have passed away, and I am interested in trying to find Mother and Fathers', relatives. Fathers' name is Ernest Comer, Cpl, died in service to HMQE. Mothers' maiden name Speight, Elsie. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thanks Ernest Comer
Ernest Comer <ernes-t@pris.bc.ca>
Hudson's Hope, British Columbia Canada -

Fantastic web site, some great ideas for days out, whether it be rain or shine!
Lisa Coonan <flyingstart@freeola.com>
Preston, Lancs England -

Very informative site, wonder if anyone could help me, I and my husband are looking for our roots. Firstly mine I am looking for my Auntie Jean, my mum's sister, she was called Jean Magee, before she got married, she had twin boys and a girl, and she lived in London, my mum's name was Eileen Elizabeth Magee, Jean's older sister, my mum got married and her name was and still is Eileen, Elizabeth Hill, my mum and her sister jean fell out, because one of my cousins, jean's twin boy, went to live in australia with his dad.I would so like to meet you if you are out there, my mum and her sister Jean my auntie were born in Liverpool, and their mother was called Margaret and came from Ireland, she abandoned Jean and my mum and was left outside a convent school in Liverpool.Woolton was the place in Liverpool.I would like very much my auntie Jean and her children who are now older,to meet my son and husband, please get in touch if you are out there, or if anyone knows any information can they email me.I have tried other sites to try and find my lost family, and no one has been able to help.My husband carl is looking for his half sister Rachel, who is in her early twenties, and her mum was called Jean, her dad was my husbands dad Donald Freeman, if anyone has any info on this please can they email us, my husband is also trying to trace his half brother Stephen, Stephens mum is called Doreen and his dad was Donald Freeman my husbands dad. If anyone can help on this please email me, your emails will be replied too, we would all like to meet stephen and rachel, the other members of the family want to meet you too, you have carl and Donna and Shaun and Dean,please get in touch, we will reply to you promise.All help will be most appreciated.Thankyou all.Allie.
Allie Freeman <carlnalex@hotmail.com>
Lancashire, Blackpool England -

nice page
England -

i wont tell wot i like but enjoyed visiting this site !!!!!!!!!!
mandie wiffen <mandie.wiffen@ntlworld.com>
liverpool, merseyside England -

Just drop by.....
Amy O.
Japan -

Used to live in the NW myself a long time ago... Brings back memories.
Casino Freak
England -

Thanks for this. We are going to the Northwest to visit mother and mother-in-law and now we know we will have other things to do than that.
Lene Smith
Copenhagen, Denmark -

Browsing for things to do with the kids i discovered your site. Thanks for all the information
Steve Thompson <stevet@tiscalinet.be>
Preston, Lancashire England -

its fantastic job
SAEED <seedbee>
Madaveli, Maldives Maldives -

good site.keep up the good work.
jo <josie160899@aol.com>
lancashire England -

what a brilliant site loads of ideas for me to take my daughter.cheers
jo <josie160899@aol.com>
preston, lancashire England -

great site, be back soon
greg <drt bkr 200>
merrimack nh, america america -

hi i like ur site its keeeeeewwwwwllll!
courtney <Roxanne1320033@aol.com>
seattle, whashington -

We really found your website very professional and quite interesting!
Dan Ross
Miami, Fl USa -

Found your site while surfing for English village sites. looks good. Hope to visit your part of the world one day. All the best, Brian
Brian Kavanagh <kavbee@bigpond.com>
Melbourne, Victoria Australia -

what a brill website lots of ideas for great days out!!!Keep up the good work and thanks for saving me from six weeks of bored children!!!!!!
sam walsh <swalsh9@aol.com>
manchestert, England -

Thanks! i have foud the ideal places to go during the hols!
Amy <amclsh@aol.com>
Preston, Lancashire England -

Great site - looking for idea's for August bank holiday weekend. Lived in Blackburn all my life but forget about the local attractions. Lancashire is a great place to live. Happy to answer penpals from anywhere (my age 57).
kathleen cavanagh <katlis@kcavanagh.fsnet.co.uk>
blackburn, lancashire England -

Nice page, keep up the good work. Greetings from Germany!

Useful resource
Glasgow, England -

Great site. We came across it accidentally while searching for "Blackpool". If you wish to visit ours, we would love to see you. Please use the above link, or our original site:- www.24carat.co.uk
Lawrence Chard <lc@24carat.co.uk>
Blackpool, Lancashire England -

Just greating from one there hawe live in Sheffield. Love from Hanne
Hanne Unwin <H.UN@get2net.dk>
Copenhagen, Denmark -

a wonderful helpful site. im looking for somebody called WILLIAM HAYES aged about 61/62 from lancashire. Originally from lytham but possibly now at welbeck avenue, fleetwood, lancs. telephone no. is ex directory so i need some help to make contact with this address. can anybody help me? any help or info. very much appreciated. many thanks and a great site.
mary christina <lady_starlight1@hotmail.com>
surrey England -

This is an excellent site for finding out things that are planned in your area, and is especially useful for people from outside who are planning a visit. To be able to advertise a forthcoming event for free is an invaluable feature, and can generate much wanted extra income at a society exhibition etc. Full marks to the Webmaster!
Neil Kennedy <neil.kennedy@btinternet.com>
Helsby, Cheshire England -

nice web-site
Farzana Hussain <Faz171@hotmail.com>
manchester, England -

what a brill site, ive added it as a link to our community for an idea for days out etc, thanks
Julie <mrsjlvickers@aol.com>
St Helens, Lancashire England -

Glad to add to your Guestbook, all the very best from near Disney World, Florida USA
Macca <macca98@msn.com>
Kissimmee, Osceola County U S A -

Hiya...Found your very interesting site through search engine Hotbot. I have a lancashire dialect poetry site.if you care to add a linkand I will reciprocate. On the site is a dialect poem about the well known landmark called i n Wigan " Mabs Cross "
Jeff Unsworth <Jeff@mexico91.freeserve.co.uk>
Wigan,Manchester, Lancashire England -

This is such a totally brilliant web site. Packed ull of very relevant info and ideal if you have a holiday weekend coming up and 2 bored kiddiwinks! Thankyou for this excellent site
Anna <signora31@hotmail.com>
Blackpool, Lancashire England -

Good site. Lots of useful information, keep it up.
Thomas <webmaster@ththomas.de>
Barntrup, NRW Germany -

I think this is a fantastic web site an it shows the best side of the web
Sean Jones <SeanJns@aol.com>
Prestatyn, Denbighshire England -

The website is very helpful for plannig trips for primary school children. well done:)
Accrington, Lancashire England -

nice site!!!
jenni <?>
England -

Thanks for a very useful website.
retep <jwarburton>
lancs England -

Thanks for a very useful website.
Cate Short <cate2@cwctv.net>
Colne, Lancs England -

Very good i am particularly intrested in the effects of cheshire oaks on the people living in the area
sian demet <sianibaby31@ hotmail.com>
lancaster, lancashire England -

Good site. Lots of useful information, keep it up.
Neil Constantine <neil4597@firehousemail.com>
Swinton , Greater Manchester England -

I like your site ! Please write something about flowers or free time !
Barbra <basiulek@go2.pl>
Cracow, POland -

seems like you have a pretty thorough resource here
Jessica <snowmoon3@juno.com>
Worcester, Massachusetts USA -

Your site is very informative & interesting and I will certainly let it be known your site is the Bees Ankles-FAB!! PH
800+ Wildlife & Pets in English Fine Art Prints <topprints@aol.com>
Waterlooville, Hampshire England -

top site youve got here
Nicola McAllister <winnieisfit@yahoo.com>
blackburn, lancashire England -

Hi there, dearly love to visit england one day.. keep up the good work!
Kaj <kaj_sub@cityofcairns.com>
Port Douglas, - Australia -

I think your site is realy good -.Something for everyone,? Cheers Al,
Al, <alnhoot@aol.com>
Manchester, Lancashire England -

A very helpful and entertaining website. A refreshing change as well. Thanx, Barry.
BARRY CANNON, Author <barrycannon@btinternet.com>
England -

i visit your site it is more interesting and usefull site. i would like to make friends through your site.
Rohan <rohanlak@yahoo.com>
colombo, sri lanka England -

Hi Vivienne, Dropping by to extend a warm welcome to British Women On Line. So happy you have joined us and hope that we get to chat through mail group. hugs Em

Em <E@serenitydesigns.org>
Long Island, New York USA -
Hi Vivienne, I am just returning your visit. You have a great site here, there is so much to see *S* Welcome to BWOL, I hope you have a fun time with us, take care, Jude
Jude <jude@a-lifes-labyrinth.co.uk>
Cardiff, Wales -
Hi Vivienne: I just popped by to say Hello and welcome to BWOL. This is a super group of talented, helpful, caring and very funny ladies. I hope you have as much fun with the group as I do. Good to have you with us. Hope this one works. If you see someone without a smile today, give them one of yours.{{hugs}}
Tish <pdelong@cadvision.com>
Calgary, Alberta Canada -
Good website! Keep up the good work!!:)
Patrizia <prettygirl85@teenhub.net>
Padua, Veneto Italy -
Hi Vivienne.. Love your web site.. Lot's of useful information.. I belong to a group of ladies all British and we would love to have you join us .. I've included the URL below. I hope you'll take a look, see what you think and hopefully join us :) Have a great day Vivienne ..Hugs Sue http://www.geocities.com/britishwomenonline/index.html
Cheshire England -
good site lots of good activities
England -
If you have a look at this website Shannon it will give you a lot of information about Blackburn. http://www.thisislancashire.co.uk/lancashire/blackburn/
Vivienne <funforall@onetel.net.uk>
Preston, Lancashire England -
Hello, my name is Shannon and I need to ask a favor from you all there in Blackburn. Please send info. to me about your town. I'm interested in visiting your town and may need a little advice about how to act aroung english people. I come from a british heritage, yet im 100% american born and raised. If there's anyone that could be of help id be eternally grateful. Sincerely, Shannon
Shannon Leigh Wilks <Pamsonnyw@aol.com>
Mesquite, Dallas Texas -
great site ! thanks for stopping me getting bored on a saturday.... now off to blackburn & burnley markets. ( ever thought about adding maps or a link to a map site?)
kaz <jonerk@yahoo.com>
manchester, England -
A very good and informative site, it will help me plan days out..thanx :O)
Dave Johnson <DJBullman@aol.com>
Oldham, Lancs England -
Your webpage is pretty cool. I enjoyed it alot:o)
Christian <jayvchrisg@hotmail.com>
San Francisco, California USA -
Hi !! Excellent guide. We took a week off work intending to stay around the North West, it gave us lots of ideas. Thank you!!!
Eugene Cook <egc@arb-qs.demon.co.uk>
Chester, Cheshire England -
What a good website. I will have to try to make my own.
Liz Birch <birchuk@hereford53.freeserve.co.uk>
Hereford, England -
HI.Jucst been on to your home page. Just want to say that it helped me a lot with my business studies work. Ta chuck. From Emz and Cluri xxxxx
Cluri and Emz <www.Copenhallhigh.co.uk>
Crewe, Cheshire England -

Nice Simple Site, Good Content!
Chris Green <chris@webcreationz.co.uk>
Runcorn, Cheshire England -

hallo just visited your homepage and wanted to say hallo
cesca </>
Dessau, Germany England -

Nice Web-site keep up the good work! Avenham Park isnt all that good and all the fish in the river are dead or dieing! and the pond on the red reck is over grown!
Chris Long
Preston, Lancashire England -

Saga do holidays for the over 50s - www.saga.co.uk.Age Concern in Preston organise holidays also - if no details on their website contact them for information and details of your local office. www.ageconcern.co.uk
Vivienne <funforall@onetel.net.uk>
Preston, Lancashire England -

i have found some very interesting information on your site,and i will keep looking,i have been looking for lookingfor holidays for the over 50s do you know of any .
England -

this is one of the most fun sites on ere!
gareth moore
England -

WIGAN, England -

Hello, I like the website, I let children look at it as well, I'm impressed. Julia
Julia Carey <jscarey65@ukonline.co.uk>
Preston, Lancashire England -

Left Liverpool in 1966. Its great to be in touch with 'the old country' through your site.
June Carr <j.debest@wanadoo.nl>
The Hague, South Holland Holland -

Really good, it has so many great ideas of places to go when your boared. it certainly helped me and the rest of my family!!!!!
Preston, lancashire England -

Very enterprising and informative website. I look forward to exploring it at length. Well done! Would you like resort reviews in the UK? If so I'll be happy to oblige soon. Please let me know.
Joy Robinson <joy.robinson@talk21.com>
Leicester, England -

Hi Had a quick look through and it is very impressive. Good look and we will see you soon. P.S. How did you go about starting your own web site? Where did you get your information and do other people ask you if they can add to it?
Ian & Maureen Revill <Not Yet (We are using Paula's) PSR@paulasrevill.co.uk>
England -

My dad was born and grew up in Tatton St. Chorley. My mother was born and grew up in Horwich. I was born in Chorley and left with my family to America in 1953 when I was only eight months old. I really am enjoying reading your website about Lancashire. Keep up the good work. I wouldn't mind an e-mail from anyone familiar with the Greer family of Chorley especially anyone related to Bobby Cragg of Chorley who was a fellow prisoner of war in Italy with my dad, Arthur Greer Thanks again. Loraine
Loraine Greer <lorainerbritish@cs.com>
Lake Oswego Oregon, USA -

I have just returned from visiting the Lancashire area...was searching for ancestral roots...found them at Newsham Hall on Newsham Hall Lane north of Woodplumpton and west of Broughton Enjoyed our stay at Guys Thatched Hamlet in Bilsborrow also. I'm a descendent of William Newsham who first migrated to Ireland from Newsham Hall in 1630 and from there to Jamestown, Virginia in 1635. Its kinda nice knowing from whence you came. Preston and Lancashire are really nice places.
Larry E. Newsome <lnewsome@cfl.rr.com>
Titusville, Florida, Brevard USA -

Hi, I recently visited you lovely countryside area, My names Paul and I'm surfing from England to let your visitors know about my websites specialising in various DOGS/CATS/OWLS/DECOUPAGE/ LOUIS WAIN FUNNY CAT Pictures plus many other varied types of pictues by various Artists. I have started these sites as a hobby and my main goal is to create the largest picture library by various artists on the internet. For Owl pictures by various artists please visit: http://www.internet.picture.tour.cwc.net/BARNOWL1.html If animal lovers would like to E-Mail me with a Breed or type of animal picture that they would be interested to view and/or acquire I will attempt to find an artists rendition of same. E-MAIL: fab-prints@cwcom.net I hope you enjoy the tour that will take you to all the fab Pictures. I would be delighted if picture loving owners would let there Friends/Clubs/Newsletter know of my website. My hope is to add another 100 pictures to my site every month and by the year end my hope is to have 300 breeds of Dog/Cat pictures by various artists with multiple pictures of each breed by anywhere on the Internet. Enjoy the Pictures and I think your site is fab!!! Paul Hussey
PAUL HUSSEY <fab-prints@cwcom.net>

England -

Great Page with lots of resources. Not enough of this kind of page on the net. Mine is a Preston page, so I have particular interest in this site. Great guestbook, too. Regards - Steve.
Steve Melling <stephena@cableinet.co.uk>
Preston, Lancashire England -


Vivien, Very informative site. I'm going to look at it further when i've more time, but I'll certainly look when i'm on holiday and can't think of anywhere to go (that's until I get back to work, usually!!!). Thanks
Sam Wilkinson <ken_sam1@yahoo.co.uk>
Preston, Lancashire England -

feeling nostalgic,enjoyed having a route .keepit up it could all be a distant memory very soon indeed,it brought a smile back to my face .
walter forsyth <justjimuk@freeuk.net>
manc, lancs England -

great site, if anyone wants to write with penpals through the post check out my page at http://members.tripod.co.uk/postalpenfriends
Shaynah <someone@somewhere.net>
England -

Nice site thanks for adding to our engine heres a link for you

Search the UK with search engines like us

Steve <steve@ledsystems.co.uk>
Poulton, uk England -

Had a great visit to your site....do you have links to local newspapers?..I didn't notice any. The bulletin board and pen-pal areas are great for those of us no longer living in Lancashire...will be back!
Maggie Day-Myron (Martin) <maggiedm@yahoo.com>
Toronto, Ontario Canada -

LOR-DEAN HOTEL BLACKPOOL <acd@clara.co.uk>

i'm only 13 but i found your site really interesting well done
Jack walmsley
Preston, England -

Hi Vivian,we are new at this (only just gone on-line). Found your site interesting (better than typing PSR's at work) and easy to get round. See you back at work.
Maria Walmsley
England -

super site, lancs lad and very proud of my roots. favorite place the trough of bowland
TONY BRIERLEY <a.brierley@cableinet.co.uk>
leigh, lancasshire England -

Thank you Vivienne for taking us back to some wonderful memories of our trip to u-k back in 1997 George & Ann...
George & Ann Parsons <geoann@apex.net.au>
Canberra, Australia -

what a great website,now the kids have plenty to look at before we decide where to go
cheshire England -

Your site is great. The brief information help me to know more about North West England
Rachel <kaman5@netteens.net>
Hong Kong, China -

Good referance for Lancashire which I can direct people to find out more as well as my project.
cathynewbery <c.newbery@bury.gov.uk>
Manchester, England -

What A Dodle
Manchester, England -

Found you by accident,great site, keep up the good work. Formerly from Blackpool.Cheers Bob
C.R.(Bob)Wright <dabtoe@westman.wave.ca>
Brandon, Manitoba Canada -

Found you by accident,great site, keepupthe good work. Formerly from Blackpool.Cheers Bob
C.R.(Bob)Wright <dabtoe@westman.wave.ca>
Brandon, Manitoba Canada -

i am19 years old boy ,i will reply you all for more information
hitu raja <rada@penpal.com>
daresalaam, tanzania TAZANIA -

born & raised in skelmersdale (now in u.s). love to keep in touch with my beloved lancs why did i leave , well...?
ken hesketh <skem6@cs.com>
dallastown, pa u s a -

I run a web page for former pupils of Ashton Grammar School/Byrchall High School in Ashton in Makerfield - please feel free to check it out and let me know if you are a graduate.
Ian Gregson <iang@axion.net>
Vancouver, BC Canada -

extra EXTRA special. You have made my day.
Stan Jones <stan@lancastrians>
Preesall, Lancashire England -

i think this website is really cool, please write 2 me people because i'll try and reply 2 all your emails
ellen <chicka3@mailcity.com>
manchester, cheshire England -

Good for coursework I've got to do for my GCSEs....
Chester, Cheshire England -

davey dave
Dave Qiunnan
daveington, daveinshire England -

I sent you e-mail then I found your guest book. I love this page and I will revisit it Very good and hard work to have put so nuch info on there. Kind regards Margaret. ps I was born in Bryn nr.Wigan
Margaret <lanky11@bellsouth.net>
Jacksonville , Florida -

Nice site -- please visit mine-- if you wish we can add reciprocal links Mike Dempsey
Mike Dempsey <mike@mdempsey.freeserve.co.uk>
Coppull, Chorley, Lancashire England -

I was browsing for pen pals when I found your site. I would love to learn about all things British! Keep up the good work. From the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.
Tim McCurry <McCurryatUTK@aol.com>
Tennessee United States -

Great site!
Amanda <veggieamanda@hotmail.com>
Ontario Canada -

love the website ,will sort out a few more recipies soon ,It is a great way to help people who do not know their way around the north west ,but come to explore for a holiday .It takes a lot of stress out of the journey, keep up the good work and good luck.From a former prestonian now living in western australia ,
sylvia carr
Perth , western australia -

Great Website with loads of info and stuff for the kids, keep the content coming !
Steve Dawson <steve@b-link.co.uk>
Fleetwood, Lancs England -

Just passing, saw your site, it brings back memories of my early years being an old Prestonian from Lostock Hall. Great site, keep up the good work.
Bernard Turner <burnt@global.net.au>
Perth, Western Australia Australia -

just dropped in by chance; will visit again.
Les Bubb <Thrynka@yahoo.com>
Nottingham, England -

Heard about your site on the radio, keep it up! If you want any graphics making for your site, email me!
Andy Clarkson <a.clarkson@ndirect.co.uk>
Lancaster, Lancs. England -

Very good information on your website, Lots to see, must have taken you quite some time to put it all together. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
R. Archer <r.r.archer@talk21.com>

Looks good! Wish there was a site like this in the south of England :-) Hey... maybe that can be your next project? ;-)Cheers, Sarah
Sarah Trayser <sarah@ukwebs.com>
Reading, UK -

Gave me lots of ideas of where to take the children on their week off from school. Keep up the good work
Mrs Lishman <
Preston, England