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Tel: 0151 357 8804

Longlooms Road, Little Stanney, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire L65 9LF
Junction 10 M53. Follow signs for the Blue Planet Aquarium

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Blue Planeet

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Take a journey through the waters of the world, from the mists of a Scottish Glen, down the mighty Amazon, across Lake Malawi, through crashing waves and surging rockpools, to the shimmering depths of the Caribbean. Take an underwater safari on the moving walkway - one of the longest in the world. Come face to face with Europe's largest collection of sand tiger sharks. Watch the divers hand feed the creatures in this underwater world.


Tel: 01204 3332211
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton

The Museum, Art Gallery & Aquarium are situated behind the Town Hall from Victoria Square on Le Mans Crescent to the Left

Open: Monday ~ Saturday 09:00am to 5:00pm. Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Admission: Free

Bolton Aquarium is one of the oldest Public Aquaria in the UK, and has been a popular attraction for the Public since it opened in the mid-20th Century. There are now over three generations of people from Bolton and beyond who remember the Aquarium as a part of their childhood, and are now bringing their own children and grandchildren to learn more about the world of life under water.Whether for families, tired shoppers or just people looking for some quiet relaxation we hope to satisfy all our visitors. The Aquarium is classed as a Zoo, and therefore we are obliged to provide an extremely high standard of care for all the inhabitants in order to meet licensing requirements. The Aquarium is situated in the basement of the Museum building, and can be accessed by the stairs to either side of the main entrance, or by the lift to the right of the entrance.


Tel: 01253 621258
Located mid-way between The Tower and Central Pier on the Golden Mile. Blackpool

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From the shallows to the ocean's depths, take a fantastic voyage of discovery and explore the fascinating and beautiful marine world, without getting wet! Enter the spectacular underwater tunnel and discover a wealth of tropical marine life as thousands of gallons of seawater surround you, and you come face to face with ocean's deadliest predators - The Sharks! There is always something exciting happening at the Sea Life Centre, such as touchpools, talks, feeding demonstrations and at the weekends, our resident divers swim with the sharks. You can even talk to the diver through high tech underwater radio links.

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